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The OMNIA company was founded in 2017.


OMNIA has its mining  farms in 4 countries, CHINA, SWEDEN, AUSTRIA, ARMENIA.
OMNIA owner of the equipment and with the support of the Armenian government, is building the world’s largest mining farm.

OMNIA owner mining farm.

From Left: OMNIA founder Robert Velghe, The President of The Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, OMNIA CEO Milan Sormaz

From Left: OMNIA founder Robert Velghe, The ex-President of The Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, OMNIA CEO Milan Sormaz

As Bitcoin mining gets overcrowded and becomes more difficult to mine, here at OMNIA, we are focusing heavily on mining Altcoins and are constantly seeking the next emerging profitable cryptocurrency to mine. Although, Bitcoin is still the ultimate leader in the cryptocurrency industry and its demand is incredibly high, OMNIA still offers Bitcoin lifetime mining contracts and is constantly optimizing its data centers infrastructure to meet the needs of our ever-growing customer base.


Contract Time: We provide lifetime contracts for all available cryptocurrencies in our mining catalogue. However, results are not always guaranteed as it depends on many variables such as mining difficulty, USD exchange rates, and maintenance fee which includes electricity cost, general network infrastructure maintenance, and cooling and servicing cost. We cannot control the cryptocurrencies mining difficulty or the exchange rate as it is unpredictable, but we have the resource and the expertise to sustain the maintenance cost. Moreover, we always implement the latest technology to ensure that the best service is available for you.


There is no contract time specified on Bitcoin or Altcoin packages as we are providing lifetime contracts. Your mining contract will run until it becomes unprofitable. In that case, we can automatically reassign your remaining hash power to the next available profitable coin.


We do not charge any additional transaction fees other than what is being charged by the miners. You can find further information through your backoffice.

 Currently engaged in mining 3 cryptocurrencies:  Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin



For example, take a contract for Bitcoin”MASTER MINER $15000” Your daily earning will go into your Crypto Wallet in Bitcoin and can be calculated through the CryptoCompare Calculator which you can find at:

Make sure your Bitcoin Hashing Power is 45372.09 GH/s then change the Power Consumption (w), Cost per KW/h ($) and Pool Fee (%) to zero.

Once you input the above then you can also see how much you could earn per day/week/month/year.

Remember the Bitcoin Rate has gone down within the last few days and it is expected to raise up again very soon. The Stronger the Bitcoin Rate gets the more you earn every day.

Your Daily Earning from Mining the Bitcoin will be Credited in Bitcoin into your OMNIA Accounts every day then it will get Processed and Credited into your Crypto Wallet in Bitcoin by OMNIA TECH every Thursday as long as you put a Withdrawal Request on Wednesday. Minimum disbursement threshold requirements for mining result requests to the following:
BTC: 0.005
ETH: 0.1
DASH: 0.1

Daily Earning from Mining the Bitcoin

1. Join OMNIA now by registering with your unique invitation link

Registration is possible only by invitation!

2.Choose your mining plan and your favorite cryptocurrency
3.Set-up your e-wallet through your backoffice dashboard

*Activation of the account costs a single $ 49

Accept payments from Bitcoin, internal transfers between accounts (most profitable, since it avoids all bank charges), recently launched a bank transfer, and soon VISA and MasterCard will open


Recruitment Commissions

As an OMNIA IBO you have the right to offer our exclusive Cryptocurrency mining packages and earn a 8% commission on the business volume (BV) from every package sold! There is no limit to how many packages you can sell and no cap on the amount of income you can earn!

The commission payout minimum remains the same at $149 USD.



Credits Cards Can Now Be Used For Purchases


Mastercard and VISA for credit cards for purchases

Dear OMNIA family,

We’re very pleased to announce that you can now use Mastercard and VISA for credit cards for purchases!

You will find the credit card option at checkout and upon submitting your order, you will be redirected to a third party payment solution company called PAYEER. You’ll set up an account with them, (if you don’t have one already) a process similar to PayPal. Once completed, you’ll be able to transfer the funds directly to OMNIA with the push of a button.

Please note, PAYEER uses KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify the identity of the purchaser. Specifically, the purchaser will need to provide a picture of their ID and the credit card used to fund the account.

If the IBO doesn’t complete this process he won’t be able to proceed with the purchase.

Here is a video giving a walk-through of the process!

New Purchase Options For Packages

Dear OMNIA IBO’s & Miners,

We have now made it possible for you to purchase multiples of the same mining package. This allows you to upgrade your hash power exactly as you see fit.

As an example:

You currently have a Kickstarter package and have invested $500 USD total with OMNIA. Your payout hash power is 1,428.58 GH/S.

You can now purchase 1 Starter package for $100 USD which includes a hash power payout of 285.72 GH/S. In 14 days, the extra 285.72 GH/S will be added to your original Kickstarter package, bringing your grand total of hash power to 1,714.30 GH/S.

If you purchase 4 more of the $100 USD packages over time, your total investment with OMNIA will have now reached $1,000 – and you will be credited as having a Light Miner package.

If these purchases are made within the first 180 days during the upgrade countdown period, you will be able to make incremental upgrades to the next highest package by applying your total investment toward that purchase.

For example:

In the above scenario you started with a Kickstarter and then made 5 starter pack purchases within your first 180 days and have been upgraded to Light Miner. If you are still within your 180 days and you have time left on the countdown timer, you will be able to apply your $1,000 toward any of the higher packages. So, by adding a Mid Miner ($3,000) package to your cart, you will see a -$1,000 in the subtotal and you will only pay the $2,000 difference. In 14 days after the waiting period, you will be active with a Light Miner package.

If your 180 days are over, the only change is that you can NOT apply your past investment toward the next higher package. You would simply purchase the full package, pay the full USD amount and in 14 days that package will be added to your count, IN ADDITION to what you have already paid.

For example: You are Light Miner, 180 days have passed. You add Mid Miner to your cart. You pay the full $3,000 USD price. In 14 days, you now have the hash power of Light + Mid and have invested a total of $4,000 USD total with OMNIA.

As you know, the next level package is the Pro Miner which is $5,000 USD. All you need to do now would be to add another $1,000 USD worth of hash power to your account and you will then be upgraded to Pro Miner. It doesn’t matter how you spend another $1,000 – it can be a single Light Miner package, 2 Kickstarters, etc.

We have also added an area to the Dashboard to show you your pending hash rate during the 14 day waiting period for all new packages purchased. The visuals will continue to improve over time, but for now you can see how that looks in the photo below:

As you can see, the new back office is growing more efficient every day. These improvements will continue and we will update you as new features go live!

Thank you for all your hard work, patience and dedication toward the OMNIA mision. it does not go unnoticed. We appreciate each of you!

All the best,

Your Team OMNIA

Weekly Update Vol. 3

Dear OMNIA Family,

What a busy week it has been. Here are all your weekly updates. There is a lot of information to be covered, so let’s get started!

New Back Office & Website

Our new website is live at along with our brand new back office. In case you missed it, we had a recording available of the LIVE back office walkthrough and Q&A available for you to watch. Video can be found here:

Extra Support For Back Office Questions

It has been a monumental undertaking for our new partners at the Gara Group, providers of our back office and website, moving our entire database to the new, updated system. As mentioned in the walkthrough video, there are still many great new features and updates that will be implemented over the coming days and weeks.

Because there are a lot of new questions coming in, Gara Group has set up a temporary support email specifically for any issues or concerns you may have with the back office. Send those messages to and they will be working overtime this weekend to get those answers back to you in as timely manner as possible.
For non back office support, please use the support link from your back office menu as usual.

Online Mining Calculators & Disbursement Discrepancies

We have received various requests for information regarding why their mining results vary and are not matching 3rd party mining calculators.

The reason your mining results are not exactly the same as online calculators is because those figures are only estimates, as stated in their disclaimer or disclosure of the calculator you are using. OMNIA uses real time values when calculating both commission payouts and mining result disbursements, while these calculators do not.
For example, in the image below we have taken a screenshot of’s disclosure. As you will notice, they indeed base their results on estimates and those can change based on many variables that are unable to be predicted with absolute certainty, such as network hash rate, block reward size and blockchain transaction fees. Notice that it shows they are basing it on a hash rate of 27,483,320,229 GH/s. Underneath, we have taken another screenshot of the actual real time hash rate of BTC which is 31,570,941,002 – a 15% difference!

We did the same comparison using ETH, and the results are similar. Above you will see that cryptocompare’s calculator shows a hash rate of 223,259 GH/S and as you can see in the picture below, from the actual hash rate is actually 259,292 GH/s – a 16% difference!

As you can see, it is impossible to know exactly what your mining results will be, so please rest assured your results are being calculated in real time and you are receiving the proper results per your contract. If you ever notice vastly different results than you suspect you should be receiving, please don’t hesitate support and they will investigate the matter and respond to you in a timely manner.

Know, that OMNIA puts the interest of our IBO’s & Miners first and foremost and will always do what it takes to ensure you are receiving the most positive results from all disbursements. We hope this helps make it more clear why your results are never entirely predictable. We appreciate each and everyone of your questions and concerns and as you will see our tools and services including support will continue to grow day by day.

Minimum Disbursement Threshold Updated

We have updated our minimum disbursement threshold requirements for mining result requests to the following:

BTC: 0.005
ETH: 0.1
DASH: 0.1

The commission payout minimum remains the same at $149 USD.

The limits have been slightly increased because many wallet providers are charging fees for every deposit lower than our new minimums. For example, BitPanda charges fees on all deposits under 0.1 ETH and 0.1 DASH, while being absolutely free for any deposits over that. As well, there are unavoidable blockchain transaction fees that must be taken into consideration.

It is our duty to look out for the best interest of our members, and ensuring that they always receive the maximum results from their mining and commissions is very important to us. Eliminating these avoidable fees makes a big difference over the lifetime of our contracts.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We will always look for ways to optimize your experience and will never hesitate to make adjustments when it protects the interest of the majority of our members.

That’s enough for this week! Please keep up with our daily communications through our Telegram channel, which you can find a link below!

Thank you for everything,

Your Team OMNIA

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