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OMNIA Cryptocurrency Mining

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The OMNIA company was founded in 2017.


OMNIA has its mining  farms in 4 countries, CHINA, SWEDEN, AUSTRIA, ARMENIA.
OMNIA owner of the equipment and with the support of the Armenian government, is building the world’s largest mining farm.

OMNIA owner mining farm.

From Left: OMNIA founder Robert Velghe, The President of The Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, OMNIA CEO Milan Sormaz

From Left: OMNIA founder Robert Velghe, The ex-President of The Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, OMNIA CEO Milan Sormaz

As Bitcoin mining gets overcrowded and becomes more difficult to mine, here at OMNIA, we are focusing heavily on mining Altcoins and are constantly seeking the next emerging profitable cryptocurrency to mine. Although, Bitcoin is still the ultimate leader in the cryptocurrency industry and its demand is incredibly high, OMNIA still offers Bitcoin lifetime mining contracts and is constantly optimizing its data centers infrastructure to meet the needs of our ever-growing customer base.


Contract Time: We provide lifetime contracts for all available cryptocurrencies in our mining catalogue. However, results are not always guaranteed as it depends on many variables such as mining difficulty, USD exchange rates, and maintenance fee which includes electricity cost, general network infrastructure maintenance, and cooling and servicing cost. We cannot control the cryptocurrencies mining difficulty or the exchange rate as it is unpredictable, but we have the resource and the expertise to sustain the maintenance cost. Moreover, we always implement the latest technology to ensure that the best service is available for you.


There is no contract time specified on Bitcoin or Altcoin packages as we are providing lifetime contracts. Your mining contract will run until it becomes unprofitable. In that case, we can automatically reassign your remaining hash power to the next available profitable coin.


We do not charge any additional transaction fees other than what is being charged by the miners. You can find further information through your backoffice.

 Currently engaged in mining 3 cryptocurrencies:  Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin



For example, take a contract for Bitcoin”MASTER MINER $15000” Your daily earning will go into your Crypto Wallet in Bitcoin and can be calculated through the CryptoCompare Calculator which you can find at:

Make sure your Bitcoin Hashing Power is 45372.09 GH/s then change the Power Consumption (w), Cost per KW/h ($) and Pool Fee (%) to zero.

Once you input the above then you can also see how much you could earn per day/week/month/year.

Remember the Bitcoin Rate has gone down within the last few days and it is expected to raise up again very soon. The Stronger the Bitcoin Rate gets the more you earn every day.

Your Daily Earning from Mining the Bitcoin will be Credited in Bitcoin into your OMNIA Accounts every day then it will get Processed and Credited into your Crypto Wallet in Bitcoin by OMNIA TECH every Thursday as long as you put a Withdrawal Request on Wednesday. Minimum disbursement threshold requirements for mining result requests to the following:
BTC: 0.005
ETH: 0.1
DASH: 0.1

Daily Earning from Mining the Bitcoin

1. Join OMNIA now by registering with your unique invitation link

Registration is possible only by invitation!

2.Choose your mining plan and your favorite cryptocurrency
3.Set-up your e-wallet through your backoffice dashboard

*Activation of the account costs a single $ 49

Accept payments from Bitcoin, internal transfers between accounts (most profitable, since it avoids all bank charges), recently launched a bank transfer, and soon VISA and MasterCard will open


Recruitment Commissions

As an OMNIA IBO you have the right to offer our exclusive Cryptocurrency mining packages and earn a 8% commission on the business volume (BV) from every package sold! There is no limit to how many packages you can sell and no cap on the amount of income you can earn!

The commission payout minimum remains the same at $149 USD.



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